Zach Plating ’16

Zach PlatingSenior Admissions Counselor


Where have you been a local?
Colorado Springs, CO


Major at Covenant



How did you choose Covenant?

At the end of my Junior year of high school I decided that I wanted to try and play basketball at the collegiate level. Coach Kyle Taylor at Covenant reached out to me and attempted to convince me over the phone that I needed to come to school atop Lookout Mountain and that it would be a tremendous fit for me. I ended up visiting the campus and immediately felt like this was where God wanted me to be. I was struck by the intentionality of everyone I came in contact with and how passionately they loved the school and the community that they were a part of. I decided during my first day visiting the campus that I too wanted to be a part of such a special place and to share in the love that those I saw around me had for their school.


Most influential class at Covenant

Creative Writing with Professor Huffines was the most influential course I took during my time as a student at Covenant College. I truly enjoyed exploring some amazing works of creative writing while at the same time attempting to produce some compelling pieces myself. I also really valued the level of camaraderie that was achieved in a setting where we were all required to critique each other’s work. I still utilize many of the skills I learned in the course and they have greatly informed my ability to construct and refine my own writing today.


Best college memory

My favorite college memory was proposing to my wife (a Covenant alumna) before Jazz on the Overlook. We met while we were students at Covenant and both agreed early on that Jazz on the Overlook was our favorite campus event (and therefore an optimal time for me to propose). It was such a joy to be amongst friends and celebrate such a special occasion while also being able to reminisce about some of our most cherished memories while at Covenant.


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Zach Plating
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