Alumni Profile: Shelmun Dashan ’10

Shelmun Dashan


Hailing from Chicago and Jos, Nigeria, Shelmun Dashan ’10 came to Covenant on a Maclellan Scholarship and began her studies in psychology. Having just graduated, she looks back on four years of growth stemming from various classes, relationships, and experiences—such as attending the Trials pre-law program at Harvard Law School and interning at Emmaus Ministries, a ministry to male prostitutes in Chicago.


What was the biggest area of growth for Shel during her time at Covenant?
“Patience and humility,” says Shel. “Two sides of the same coin. Through lots of classes I got to see how ‘foiblesome’ we humans really are. The problem is not just that we have foibles, but that we operate as though we don’t have these wrinkles in our humanity. We are not consciously aware of how brazen our assertions and opinions are from the perspective of omniscience. I really hope God has a sense of humor!”


Becoming more aware of her own weaknesses has made Shel more patient with others and more willing to put aside her “curmudgeonly” tendencies.

“I am profoundly indebted to my professors,” she says. “At Covenant, I have learned how to think critically, how to be thorough, nuanced, and humble in my dealings with other people’s ideas, how to bring Christian values and ideas to bear on relevant issues, how to deal graciously with people, and when to say, ‘I just don’t know.’”


Even as Shel plans to attend Harvard Law School next year, she holds her future lightly.
“Whatever you do, you are in ministry,” says Shel. “I’m a very justice-oriented person, and I love learning and wrestling with ideas and problem solving. I will do what God puts before me as He puts things before me. I hope that law school will put me in a position to do much good for many people in different ways and capacities and places as life marches on.”


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