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Research, Motherhood, and Volunteer Work

by Alumni Office staff

February 9, 2021

in Life & Career

1 minute read


RiLee (Herbert) Robeson graduated in 2006 with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. Since 2005 she has worked in various research fields, including Alzheimer's, cancer biology, vaccine development, and nonclinical research in ophthalmology and nanotechnology.


"It has been a rewarding road so far and I am thankful for the things I learned at Covenant that prepared me for such opportunities."


For the last 2.5 years, RiLee has stayed home with her two sons while working occasionally as a consultant and contractor providing editing and quality control support for various submissions to the FDA. She also recently began working part-time as the nursery coordinator at her family's local church.


"God has been faithful to [Alex ('06) and me] in many ways - both personally and professionally. And though the work and research has been wonderful to be a part of, the relationships built while working and living has probably been the most rewarding. There are few places that can provide a space where such a variety of people, beliefs, and personalities exist like it does in the world of research. It is both extremely challenging and rewarding to be a part of and I have been grateful to have seen God's faithfulness working through and in those communities first hand." She hopes to continue to balance her time with occasional contract work and raising her sons until they're off to college.


Thank you for your Kingdom work, RiLee.