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Life and Career

What comes after The Covenant Ascent? Life and career. Read stories about alumni living out their callings and contemplate who you want to be in 10, 20, and 50 years.


Alumni with ESL adult students
July 28, 2021
How does a liberal arts education prepare you for life after college? Alumni share their thoughts on how Covenant prepared them for their career, at home, and more.
Image of student gazing into the sunrise.
July 6, 2021
Take a minute to think about who you want to be after college - not just in your 20s but also decades down the road. What kind of person comes to mind? What kind of character traits stand out?
Amanda and Jeremy Ross
May 4, 2021
God knew what he was doing when he brought two mission-minded individuals together at Covenant on a trip to the Czech Republic.
Tim Bentson ’02
May 4, 2021
Growing up at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA with Pastor Robert Rayburn, Tim heard about missions all his life from his pastor...
Elsbeth and Lewis Codington
May 4, 2021
Their journey towards missions began in 1989 when they watched the Berlin Wall fall and Europe and Central Asia were released from the grip of Communism.
Becky Greninger '90
February 19, 2021
"Though sometimes exhausting, it is such a privilege to be able to pour myself into these young students, showing them the wonders of God’s creation and pointing them to Christ as their ultimate hope."
Ila Casselberry '13
February 19, 2021
Ila mentioned her contraction of Lyme disease between her freshman and sophomore year at Covenant. She spent years being extremely ill and at times was unable to work due to battling pancreatitis, dysautonomia, and mast cell disease.
Frosty leaves with chapel in the background on Covenant College campus
February 12, 2021
God delights in his creation, and we who live in it do so before his attentive gaze. This is good news for teachers.
Meaning in Life
February 12, 2021
Every teacher has heard the classic student query: “Why do we have to learn this?” Sometimes the question isn’t so easy to answer, but I am convinced that it deserves a careful and complete response.
RiLee Herbert Robeson '06 and family
February 9, 2021
RiLee has stayed home with her two sons while working occasionally as a consultant and contractor providing editing and quality control support for various submissions to the FDA. She also recently began working part-time as the nursery coordinator at her family's local church.