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The Covenant Community

Covenant students, faculty, and alumni all talk about the unique community on campus and between all Scots. Read stories about different parts of this community.


Image of Covenant students wearing masks
September 13, 2021
Life as a college student already comes with its own unique challenges. Add a global pandemic and things can start to get a little tricky. Read how Covenant students have adapted to the 'new normal' and what they've learned about themselves through the process.
Covenant students relaxing outdoors
April 19, 2021
...even in our busiest moments, investing in our community could be one of the most valuable and healthy ways to be refreshed and even motivated to get through our responsibilities and reach our deadlines.
Student speaking with a professor at Covenant
March 30, 2021
Choosing a college is a big deal. There are many important aspects of college that impact your decision, but only YOU can decide what is most important to you.
Morning sun through the Brock Hall breezeway
March 15, 2021
There are no perfect places, but there are good places. Covenant is a good place, but not a perfect one, and that is okay.
Coffee, Conversation, and Community at Covenant College
March 2, 2021
College students are well-known for frequenting coffee shops, and Covenant students are no exception.
Everyman cast and crew at Covenant College
February 8, 2021
Like we all have in this season of unknowns, the Covenant College Theatre Department did everything they could do to live up to the phrase, “The show must go on!”
Pickup Soccer Community at Covenant College
February 8, 2021
Clubs, organizations, events, meetings, hall culture—all aspects of life at Covenant College that knit the students together. However, one group is driven by the sheer desire to play the most globally unifying sport to ever exist: soccer.
Alexis, Anna, and Ashleigh Baker - sisters at Covenant College
February 2, 2021
It is a rare thing for three siblings to go to the same college. It is an even rarer thing for three siblings to go to the same college and all participate in sports. Ashleigh, Anna, and Alexis Baker are three sisters who have done just that.