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A Summer at Au Sable

by Henley Henderson '22

September 13, 2021

in Professional Development

1 minute read


Through Covenant’s partnership with Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, students gain hands-on learning experience in the field of environmental biology. Located across five different campuses (Michigan, Washington State, India, Costa Rica, and Ecuador), Au Sable is a faith-based summer program that provides university-level classes in environmental studies and environmental science. Covenant and Au Sable’s partnership provides an opportunity for students to take the knowledge they have learned in the classroom and apply it in hands-on field opportunities.


Connecting the Classroom to the Career

Some Covenant students had the privilege of traveling to Washington State this summer to engage in the Au Sable program. Here is what they had to say about their experience:


"My time at Au Sable was a literal breath of fresh air. Forming friendships with both students and professors was so meaningful and made learning that much more enjoyable. We spent most of our time outside and on field trips, and the course content was practical and interesting. I left with knowledge that I can put to use right now to be a better steward of God's creation."
- Sylvie Swanson '22


"At Au Sable, I enjoyed learning primarily through experience in the field. I found that I was able to retain more information and have a better understanding of the material. The skills that I gained from this session were practical and applicable to post-college work. I appreciated the days when all of the students came together to share what we were learning and discuss how our faith should be reflected in our vocations and studies. I left Au Sable with a greater appreciation for creation and awe of God's handiwork."
- Hannah Rodehaver '22


Au Sable is just one piece of what makes the environmental biology concentration at Covenant so amazing. Come see for yourself the exciting things the Covenant Department of Biology is doing!

Au Sable Gallery

Get a glimpse of what Covenant students experienced this summer!

Au Sable students working in a field
Au Sable students viewing calves in a barn.
Au Sable students hiking in the mountains
Au Sable Student reading a book by the water
Au Sable Institute students hiking on a trail
Au Sable boat with Orca in the water
Au Sable students working in a barn with cows
Au Sable students and professor inspecting a crab