Help Restore Carter Hall
$19.4 million goal

Covenant College has embarked on a two-year project to return Carter Hall’s exterior to its original design, repairing and restoring the original stucco and stonework. In addition to restoring the original design of the historic tower, a new roof will be installed and the building’s north and south porches will be reclaimed. The renovation of Carter Hall will also include limited renovations to the interior of the building, including the installation of a fire sprinkler system.

Restore Carter Hall

Restoring Carter Hall to its original 1928 appearance affirms the permanence, history, and vitality of the campus. As we work to restore the exterior of Carter Hall, as we watch scaffolding go up and old windows come down, we’re reminded of the restorative work God is doing in the life of every student here at Covenant College. It’s no stretch to say that Carter Hall is the heart of Covenant’s campus. It’s where students eat and live. It’s the home of afternoon study sessions and late-night snack runs. It’s the unmistakable landmark that tells people in the valley, “Something is happening here.”

Transform Carter Hall

The physical transformation of Carter Hall will occur in four semester-long phases, with an expected completion date of the summer of 2017. This exterior transformation mirrors the great work of transformation God has done and continues to do in the hearts and minds of our students as they enter adulthood, develop lifelong friendships, and grow both intellectually and spiritually at the College.

Invest in Carter Hall

At a time when the very model of a four-year, residential, liberal-arts education is being challenged, this investment in the future of Carter Hall represents the College’s commitment to providing students with a transformative, residential, Christian academic community. As friends and alumni choose to join us and invest in Carter’s restoration, it is clear that their investment is not simply in bricks and mortar, roof tiles, and new windows. It’s an investment in students, in the idea of a liberal education in the arts and sciences, in a place of community and personal growth. The restoration and transformation of Carter Hall is an investment in the place God has called us to steward.

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Restoration Facts
  • Carter Hall was originally built as the Lookout Mountain Hotel in 1928
  • Covenant moved from St. Louis to Lookout Mountain in 1964
  • All offices, student rooms, & classrooms were originally housed in Carter Hall
  • After the renovation, all student residence rooms will include two windows
  • 26,000 roof tiles will replace Carter’s leaking roof
  • Additional beds will make Carter home to 315 students
Memories of Carter Hall

Explore our archive of memories and informational updates to learn more and engage with the Carter memories of Covenant alumni, friends, and students. Share some of your favorite Carter memories or photos with the Covenant community.

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Stay up to date on the Carter Hall restoration project by watching video updates, visiting the Facebook photo album, watching a recent time-lapse of the work, or viewing a live webcam of the building.

Invest in the Restoration

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