Carter Hall Memories

Covenant College has launched an extensive exterior restoration of Carter Hall, the flagship building of Covenant’s campus. Thousands of past and present students have sat with friends for a meal in Carter’s Great Hall, studied in front of the lobby fireplace, and connected with roommates in the historic building. Scroll through our archive to learn more about the restoration and to listen to alumni and friends reflect on their favorite Carter Hall memories.

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Ken Knighton ’73: Hall Games and Pet Mice

Ken reflects on playing games in Carter and pet mice.


Chris Dillon ’15: 5th South Pillow Fight

Chris describes a favorite memory from hall life.


Discovering the Castle in the Clouds

Marie Alston is a longtime friend and supporter of Covenant College. In this podcast, Marie remembers the day she and her late husband, Hugh Smith, toured the Lookout Mountain Hotel, which would later become Covenant’s flagship building, Carter Hall. She describes the hard work and dedication it took to turn the abandoned hotel into a usable space for the College.

Don Petcher ’74: Painting Dorm Room Doors

Don remembers a roommate painting the door to their room orange.


Memories of Covenant College and Carter Hall from Mark Kreisel ’82

Fifty Years on Lookout Mountain

Jack Muller ’64 takes a look back at the early days of Covenant College in St. Louis and shares humorous and heartwarming stories of the College’s move to Lookout Mountain.

Keri Sewell ’05: Great Hall Food Fight

Keri reflects on a massive food fight between halls in Carter.


Evan Donovan ’06: Celebrating a Birthday with Cans of Spam

Evan, who lived in Founders, remembers friends on 5th North celebrating a birthday
with a piñata filled with cans of Spam.


Covenant’s Move to Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain natives Frank and Dottie Brock reflect on their time growing up in Lookout Mountain and describe the varying reactions to Covenant College’s move to the Lookout Mountain Hotel in the 1960s. Dr. Frank Brock is the former president of Covenant College. He and Dottie have faithfully served the College since his time as president.

A Hotel Becomes a College

Watch a video of the late Allen Duble ’58, Covenant College’s first vice president for advancement, sharing the story of his relationship with Paul Carter, the man who built the Lookout Mountain Hotel.

Nathan Newman ’10: On the Strength of Community

Nathan, who lived on Second South, reflects on the strength of community at Covenant and in Carter.


Lauri Moyle ’06: Being Led to a Career in Public Policy

Lauri remembers seeing a presidential campaign on TV in the mailroom, which he describes as contributing to his career in public policy.


Matthew Vos ’90: Stealing the Boar’s Head

Matthew describes the boar’s head being stolen from Madrigrals to use in a prank.


Homecoming Chapel

Covenant alumnus and longtime board member Joel Belz ’62 shares stories from the history of Covenant College and looks back on his time as a student at the College.

Steve Kaufmann ’69: Birthday Memories from Carter Hall

Steve, who was a freshman in 1965, describes a memory of living in community in the early days of Carter.


Evan Weir ’15: Growing through Hall Life

Reflecting on moving into Second South, Evan describes being challenged by his hall mates to grow in various ways.


Our Move-In Day Was 50 Years Ago

Listen to Helen Piatt ’70 and Janis Putman ’68 describe what Move-In Day was like in 1964, and hear their reflections on the Covenant they encountered during their visit to the College on Move-In Day 2014.

Wendy Cullen Gray ’90: On Hall Spirit

Wendy reflects on memories of hall spirit in Carter.


Mollie Driesbach ’15: On Carter Christmas

Mollie describes her hall’s theme from one year’s Carter Christmas event.


Marissa Mackey ’15: Memories of Carter Council

Marissa reflects fondly on her time as part of Carter Council.


Sarah Funke Donavan ’04: Luggage Cart Races

Sarah remembers residents of 5th North racing luggage carts down the hallway.


Ross Meyer ’10: Studying by the Fire in Carter Lobby

Ross remembers meeting his wife through studying French in Carter next to the fireplace.


Mary Kaufmann ’68: A Freshman in 1964

Mary describes being a freshman in 1964, the first year that the college was on Lookout Mountain, and the various aspects of living in a converted hotel.