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Covenant Commitment and Academic Calendar


Covenant students,

Hope this email finds you well.  Please refer to last week's email about the testing requirement to start the spring semester similar to what we did in August.  It is recommended that you reach out to your testing site ahead of time and find out what the turnaround time is for results so that you can plan accordingly.  Two items to discuss this week:
  1. The Covenant Commitment - As we did last semester, we will depend upon each member of our community to be faithful to mask, distance, screen, and wash hands.  When we started classes in August, the seven day national average for daily new COVID-19 cases was 44,000.  That number currently stands at nearly 250,000 new cases each day.  We are seeing record numbers here in our area and the new more transmissible variant of the virus is in Georgia.  While we are glad our 65+ population has had the opportunity to get the vaccine, there is still a ways to go.  It will be important (especially as everyone returns and is indoors more frequently during these colder first weeks) to remain vigilant and comply with the Commitment.
  2. Academic Calendar - While there will not be a Spring Break this semester as previously announced, we have sought to provide more than the two days off from classes that you had last semester.  This semester you will have five days with no day classes:

    Feb. 23 (Day of Prayer)
    Mar. 17 (Spring Respite)
    Apr. 2 (Good Friday)
    Apr. 20 (Assessment Day)
    Apr. 28 (Spring Blink)

  3. In addition, there will be two Reading Days (May 12 and 13) before Final Exams instead of just the one Reading Day you had in the fall.  Finally, faculty have been asked to schedule no tests nor have papers or assignments due on Thursday, March 18 and Friday, March 19 so that you can have a true mental break during the Spring Respite.
I will write again next week regarding other plans and preparations for the new semester.  We plan to start with similar precautions as where we ended in the fall, and then begin to make adjustments as possible as we get further into the semester and the weather improves.  Should you have questions, feel free to email

Brad Voyles

Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students