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COVID-19 Update #3 - Spring 2021 Changes and Halls Open Jan. 30

Covenant Students, 

With less than a week from the start of the spring semester, don't forget to get tested prior to your arrival.  Refer to my first email from January 11 for details.  You can email your results to
Reminder: Residence Halls will open on January 30 for students to return before classes start on February 1. 
While this semester will look similar to the fall in many ways to start (chapel, classes, residence halls), we have made a few immediate adjustments that will hopefully be well received:
  • While a 14 day quarantine is still recommended, students without symptoms can come out of quarantine after the 10th day if they receive a negative test on the 8th day or later and remain symptom free while practicing high vigilance for the next four days.  Students in quarantine should contact Health Services by phone to be cleared from quarantine. Regardless of completing the full 14 day or choosing to opt out for earlier release after the 10th day, students will need to receive a "release note" from Health Services to return to classes.
  • We will again be hosting intercollegiate athletic competitions on campus.  While the conference does not currently allow fans for indoor events, we are working out plans for fans to attend outdoor events.  
  • Select academic buildings and classrooms will be open on Sunday to facilitate distanced indoor community gatherings such as Prayer and Praise.  More information to come with details once classroom assignments are complete. 
  • The Great Hall will be serving on china plates and providing silverware for dine in meals.  Paper products will still be available for take-out (as will the Eco To-Go boxes).  We are working with Creative Dining to develop additional self-serve options later in February should COVID-19 case counts stay low and stable on campus.  This will allow for additional food options, but will depend on consistent compliance with protocols in buffet lines. 
  • Rapid tests will be available on a limited basis in the Health Center for symptomatic individuals.  The PCR nasal test is still the gold standard and will be used to make final decisions, but we hope to have a supply of rapid antigen tests to use as situations call for it. 
We will continue to monitor case counts on campus and regionally as we consider these adjustments and other potential ones as the semester progresses.  You can refer to the Covenant College Spring 2021 Reopen page for more information and FAQs.  
Praying for you as we start the spring semester,


Brad Voyles

Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students