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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 2/19/21

Numbers continue to remain low, so we are excited to expand options and services in the Great Hall starting Monday.  These changes will be dependent on staff availability and may not be available every day as a result.  Please follow all directives regarding using hand sanitizer, not moving chairs, etc. so as to continue minimizing potential transmission.  


Great Hall Changes

  • Homestyle, Zone, Grille, Salad will be self serve.

  • Interaction and Deli will remain as staffed stations with attendants building meals for the guest.

  • Pizza will be self-serve, but still have an attendant that can hand out plates as well as make/cut pizzas.

  • Desserts will continue to be packaged for now, but we will slowly begin to adjust this to unpackaged.

  • We will continue the semester with china plates, silverware, and disposable cups.

  • We will continue to offer reusable and fiber to-go boxes for students who choose to eat outside of the Great Hall

  • Cereal and Waffles will be self-serve.

  • Bread and Bagels will be self-serve with disposable deli paper in place of tongs as a single use item.

  • Beverages will remain self-served and only disposable cups should be used.

  • The employee beverage program will be reinstated on Monday as well. Employees should only use the disposable cups provided.


COVID-19 Protocols

  • Six foot distancing stickers have been placed in the dining hall at all stations.

  • A flatware and china dispensing station will be set up at the end of this week with signage promoting the move to self-serve.

  • China and flatware will be handed out by an attendant during each meal service. This is also where to go boxes will be picked up from.

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrance to the Great Hall, at each self-serve station, and at the china dispensing station.

  • Dining Hall employees will ask that each guest use sanitizer at the china dispensing station to ensure it is being used before guests serve themselves.

  • There will be three glove stations available for those who are not comfortable handling utensils with their bare hands. We are working on sourcing these stations as well as appropriate signage.

  • Utensils will be changed at all self serve stations every 20-30 minutes (depending on traffic flows).



Data as of February 19, 2021
Active positives (student): 0
Active positives (employee): 0
Awaiting test results (student): 1 
Awaiting test results (employee): 0
Quarantined students: 1
Quarantined employees: 0  
Positives since February 1 (student): 1
Positives since February 1 (employee): 0


Brad Voyles

Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students