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COVID-19: Letter from Student Development 3-13-2020

March 13, 2020 4:30 p.m.




We are all feeling the loss of the rest of the spring semester not being able to be together. As we process what the next few days and weeks hold, know that we love you and want to support you in whatever way we can.


I am sending this email in response to questions we have been receiving about the room check-out process and storage. I know there was some confusion in the first email sent. In our efforts to try and anticipate questions, we may have created more confusion.


At this point, we are asking students to return to campus to move-out by Wednesday, March 18 at 3:00pm as they normally would have done this May after finals. Students need to limit time spent on campus, therefore belongings need to be picked up and students need to leave as soon as possible. There will be no open hall hours, but people will be allowed to enter in order to help move out items. If members of another gender are coming to help, please announce their presence on the hall and please do not linger longer than needed.



Our business office will be providing clarity on room and board refunds by early next week and we will share that information in the days to come. Thank you for your patience.


Standards of Conduct

In this unique season, we would ask that you honor the spirit of the Standards which state: “Students must conduct themselves in a way which reflects a commitment to holy living: doing what the Bible requires, abstaining from what the Bible forbids, and carefully discerning the will of God in every area of life.”


Campus Closure

  • Until further notice, the athletic facilities are closed. Student athletes will need to coordinate with their coaches to collect any belongings.
  • The library will be open Saturday from 11a-2p and Monday-Wednesday from 9a-4p and then closed until further notice. Students should clear out their belongings in these time frames. The library staff is committed to working with students to finish the semester well including mailing materials as needed as long as the student is not ill.
  • All other academic buildings, labs, and studios will remain closed after Wednesday until further notice.


If you have extenuating circumstances that would cause you to need housing past March 18th or need to request extended storage, you must fill out this form: by Monday, March 16 at 2:00pm.


We will work with all of our students in need.


Check-out Procedure:

  • Remove your belongings from your room.
  • Take out trash. Remove all food items. Do not use trash closets. Take trash outside.
  • Connect with an RA to return your key and check-out of your room.
  • Work study key - if you have a work study key, you will need to return it to Safety and Security
  • Mailroom key - if you are not returning, you will need to return your mailbox key.
  • Once you have removed belongings and returned your keys, you have completed the process.


Storage Information

  • If you live 300 miles or closer to Covenant, you can store 2 bins and 1 item.
  • If you live farther than 300 miles, you can store 3 bins and 1 item.
  • To get into storage please contact the RA on duty.
  • Store items in your current building.


Storage FAQs


If I planned to move off-campus or am graduating after this semester, but my new lease has not started, can I store stuff on campus?

Yes, you may store 2 bins and 1 item on campus, but you would need to return to remove your belongings in May when your new lease begins.


What about larger items, like a TV, coffee table, or couch, that will not fit into storage and I cannot bring home?

Fill out the form, requesting accommodations for items and let your RA know what you will be leaving in the room. We will work with you on returning to get these items.


Can I ask a friend to take my belongings out of storage?

Yes, but you need to send an email to the RD of the building giving permission to your friend to pick up your belongings and copy your friend on that email to have your request approved.


What if I am leaving late at night, but need to put boxes or items in storage?

Please try to put your items in storage during normal business hours by calling the RA on duty, but if this is unavoidable, call the RA on duty to have them let you into storage.


Student Development