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COVID-19: Update from the Chapel Department

Dear Students, 


Blessings and Greetings from the Chapel Department! 


Most of you have packed your belongings and are in transition to destinations for the remainder of the semester. We are praying that you will have peace in the midst of what is proving to be quickly changing, uncharted territory. There is much grieving that is and will take place, and we are praying that there will also be great good that the Lord brings out of this time. While our community has been dispersed around the country and globe, we are still the Covenant College community, and we need to be creative in living and worshipping as such.


To that end, we have a few updates we would like to share regarding how the Chapel Department will approach the rest of the semester. While not required, in order that we might continue to encounter Jesus together in community, we will be having chapel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11-11.35 AM beginning Monday, March 30. We will post new chapel videos to Youtube at 11am and we invite our entire community to watch and worship together with the knowledge that your Scots brothers and sisters are doing the same in their various locations. The videos will feature specially invited speakers who will help us encounter Jesus  from their desks, living rooms, etc. In addition, we are still planning on having our Senior Testimonies from Will Bryan, Marie Bowen, Caleb Keitt, and Harmonee Keitt. We feel acutely the possibility for this time to breed loneliness and anxiety, and we want to provide ways for us to stay connected and focused on the hope we have in Jesus. 


In addition to Monday, Wednesday, Friday chapels, we will also be asking various people across campus to write daily devotionals that we will email to you every day at 6.00 AM (starting March 30th). We pray that these devotions will lift your spirits and help keep our community moored together in our Savior.


Lastly, Chaplain Lowe and Stephanie will have limited slots available each week for meeting with students via video or phone. If you are interested in signing up for one of these times, please email Kathryn Wieldraayer ( .


Please keep your eye out for an updated chapel calendar, and let us know if you have questions of any kind for us! We look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch throughout the semester. 


Praying for God’s surpassing peace,


Chaplain Lowe, Stephanie, and Kathryn