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COVID-19: Update from the Priesthill Center


Dear Students,


Welcome back “on-line.” 


What a way to get an extended Spring Break, not something I figure any of you would have chosen or (at least the cause of it anyway). The COVID-19 virus is continuing to be a problem for the whole world, a “monster” that we are all fighting together. I hope you have been navigating the changes well, staying in the know via CDC and your local news, and have managed to stay well in the process.


With the closing of the Covenant Campus, the Priesthill Center/Health Service Office is essentially closed also. However, I want to inform you of how we can be of assistance.  


Health Service Office: Open M-F 8a-4pm for phone call consultation.

Call 706-419-1275 with questions regarding ill symptoms, get help screening symptoms for possible COVID-19 or other illness, when to seek medical care at Urgent Care or your Primary Care Providers, and how to navigate Quarantine/isolation if you have been directed to do so 


Priesthill Counseling Services: 

Closed for one on one counseling sessions. However, our counseling team will be sharing information and various support guides to assist with challenges you may be facing.  


Please see following attachments: 

  1. Self Care During Uncertainty. 

  2. Local Chattanooga Community Resources for counseling (if not in the area, visit or for listings of counselors in your area.        

  3. Local listing of Health Care Facilities with indication if COVID-19 testing is provided. 


As your classes start up today online, we want to wish everyone a smooth transition. Please call if any health related questions or concerns. 




Tina Holt FNP-C

Director of Health Services 



Self Care 101  


Community Counseling Resources  


Health Care & Emergency Facilities