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COVID-19: Priesthill Center Update


Hi Students,


Hope you had a Blessed Easter. With your busy and "packed" schedules, I hope you were able to slow down, rest a bit, and feel God's presence over the break. Although Priesthill Counselors are no longer able to hold "one on one" counseling sessions, they want to continue to support you over the next few weeks. As you are now in the midst of your classes, learning to live at home again with siblings and parent control, the following are some guidelines to help you through these changing times.


Mental Health Moment Videos:  

#1 on Anxiety: 

#2 on Fear:


The following Covenant Counselors also have private practices "off the mountain", if you are interested in telemental health.   


Shan Alexander:

Bevin Gracy: Christian Counseling Cooperative  423-328-8783

Kevin Thompson: Christian Counseling Cooperative  423-328-8783


Hope you find these resources to be helpful. Have a great week. Please call if any questions. 


Tina Holt FNP-C

Director of Health Services

Covenant College