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COVID-19: Adjusted Final Exam Schedule

Changes to Spring 2020 Final Examination Week


With the cancellation of Commencement on May 9, this relaxes the need to complete final exams as early which is normally needed for Commencement preparation to verify graduates. Since both Reading Days are declared class days, a professor suggested a change that only affects the Friday examinations which would:


·         Move the Friday 5/1 exams to the next Thursday 5/7 at the same times

·         Declare Friday 5/1 to be a Reading Day

·         The existing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday exams stay as originally scheduled


I have attached an updated CoronaVirus Final Examination Schedule. If your class is affected by this change, confirm with your professor regarding the new schedule. Email your professor with information about any time conflicts. The professor and the Office of Records will determine how to manage the administration of those examinations.


Thank you for your diligence through this unique semester!


Rodney Miller

Dean of Records