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COVID-19: Senior Online Lab/Language and May Term Offerings

We have become aware of a few students who have planned with their advisor to complete a core lab science or foreign language course during the summer because they are unable to complete that course on campus and graduate on schedule. Unfortunately, no colleges are currently scheduling lab courses with in-person labs. Therefore, the Core Oversight Committee has approved adding the following statement to the Undergraduate Catalog to permit some exceptions in these unique times.


When extraordinary circumstances arise that make in-person instruction impossible, the Core Oversight Committee may approve the acceptance of online courses to fulfill core natural science laboratory and foreign language course requirements. Students will follow the normal procedure to request approval for a course through the Letter of Good Standing/Transient Student Request Form with the Office of Records noting the circumstance and why they would be unable to take this course in a future term warranting approval of the course.


Please note this does not permit every student to take a lab science or foreign language course online this summer, but primarily for December 2020 and May 2021 expected graduates with unique circumstances. This provision only applies to core requirements as academic departments would approve any online courses to fulfill major requirements. A student who was planning to take an in-person lab or language course as outlined in their Graduation Application may petition to take an online lab or language course by submitting a request to the Office of Records. Submit an email to with a rationale referencing the Graduation Application and the inability to schedule the course in their remaining terms and still graduate as scheduled. These petitions will be considered and approvals communicated for online lab science or foreign language courses during these extraordinary times. Please contact the Office of Records with any questions.



May Term 2020 – Pre-registration Deadline Tuesday 4/28


Now that both faculty and students have had time to experience a Covenant online delivery mode, and knowing other May Term travel courses have been cancelled, we wanted to share the current list of May Term Class Offerings that will be delivered online from May 11-29. Currently, there are seats available in all classes except COR 325 Global Trends which is full but no wait list. Students may still pre-register for classes up through Tuesday, April 28 when we will consider cancelling classes with low enrollment. Please email to pre-register for a May Term class.



Rodney Miller