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COVID-19: Thorn Publication 2019-2020

Hello everybody,

I and the rest of the Thorn panel and staff are delighted to announce that this year's Thorn publication will be available on campus in the fall! We've been working tirelessly throughout this quarantine period to finish compiling your good work, and how sweet it is to arrive at the end of a long and harrowing venture. Thank you to all who submitted, and the greatest of thank-yous to my layout editor, Will Payne: without you this wouldn't have been possible.
Class of 2020/newest alumni -- though you (and I) have graduated, the Thorn is available to you as well. If you would like a copy mailed to you, please look out for a second email in your inbox and fill out the attached form.
Again, thank you all so much for your patience and perseverance. Go Scots :)
Al Sluis, Thorn Editor-in-chief