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Testing Requirement and Chapel Schedule

Covenant Students: Looking forward to having everyone back.  Just a reminder that you will need to present a print-out of your test results to be allowed to check into your room. Commuter students will need to present the print-off of their result to the Student Development Office before the first day of class.  We have  extended the window to 14 days so go ahead and get your test soon.  I have copied below the accommodations we are making:


We are expecting every student to get a PCR nasal swab 7-14 days before arrival and to then present a printed confirmation of negative results in order to be able to move into the residence halls and to attend classes on campus (commuters).  We are also cognizant of the difficulty in some states to get tests and/or to get timely results.  To that end, we are doing the following:

  • Providing official documentation of the requirement from the College to any students who request it if needed to obtain the PCR nasal swab test from their doctor’s office

  • Accepting antigen tests, rapid tests, throat swab and cheek swab tests if PCR nasal swab tests are not available.

  • Extending the date out to 14 days from 7-10, if necessary

  • For those testing positive within the past 14 days, we understand that you may continue to test positive for several weeks and even months.  We require that you stay home until you have met the discontinuing home isolation guidelines.  You can come to campus and present your first positive test results if symptom-free

  • For those that may have tested positive more than 14 days ago another test is still required. If the test is still positive we require that you stay home until you have met the discontinuing home isolation guidelines. You can come to campus and present your positive test if you are symptom-free.  

  • Every testing site is different in how they are communicating results.  Many will only contact you if you test positive so you won't be directly notified if you tested negative.  In many cases you will need to go to the lab website and use the information they gave you to check your results.  You can then print off a screen shot of that result and present it to your RD at check-in.

  • In the event that you have tested and the results are still not in 10-14 days later, contact or 706.419.1107 in the days before you arrive and we will look at what accommodations can be made to provide for your arrival. 

  • Students arriving without test results in hand will be required to comply with requirements from health services until results are available. Students must be able to report the date the test was administered.

Also, the chapel schedule for the fall has been posted:


Finally, thanks to the almost 200 students who have already completed their Title IX training.  You have to complete the training prior to the first day of class to lift your registration hold: 


Praying for you all as the semester approaches,


Brad Voyles