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Reopening Update - August 11


Covenant students: Hope all is well as you make preparations to come to campus.  A quick note today with some reminders and some new information --and a longer email to come later this week.  

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Covenant College Reopening Website - the FAQ section may answer some of your questions about the semester.

  • Remember that you have to bring a print-out of your COVID-19 test in order to be able to check into your room. Review your emails from Residence Life for more details. 

  • All students are to bring seven cloth face masks, a personal thermometer (for daily screening), cleaning wipes for your room, a laptop, chromebook, or tablet for remote learning -- and it is recommended to bring a camp chair for outdoor gatherings. 

  • We will be providing every student with five additional cloth face masks to begin the year.  There is no guarantee these will fit your face well which is why you need to bring the seven that fit your face appropriately.  

  • This semester we will be providing access to telecounseling for all students to use 24/7 through an outside company in addition to our counselors in the Priesthill Center.  As a Covenant student you will receive three complimentary remote sessions during the semester through your health fee, but will be charged for any additional sessions.  More information will be forthcoming about this service. 

  • An email will be coming soon from the Records Office regarding how to finalize enrollment in Banner using the enrollment confirmation checklist.  This is where you will affirm the Covenant Commitment as well as the Remote Learning Agreement and COVID-19 Release.  

Campus is busy with preparations being made (we have a tent instead of a pool), student leader training, faculty lesson planning, and much, much prayer.  We look forward to students arriving and for the opportunity to love one another sacrificially this semester.  


In Christ,


Brad Voyles