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COVID-19 Weekly Campus Update - week ending 8/21/20

Each week we will provide data on cumulative and active cases.  This week is unique since all of our current active cases were determined as a result of our required testing to start the year.  All student cases remained home to isolate and will return over the next few days as their isolation periods end. 

Please continue to observe the Covenant Commitment on and off campus and limit your off campus trips to the minimum.  Continue to practice all precautions.  This is how we will stay on top of this together. 
Active positives (student): 7 
Active positives (employee): 0
Cumulative positives (student): 12
Cumulative positives (employee): 2 
Quarantine on campus (student): 2
Quarantine off campus (student): 12
On Campus Isolation Room Availability: 97%


Brad Voyles
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students