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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 9/11/20

Covenant Community,

It is appropriate to pause and give thanks to God for seeing us through the first quarter of the semester. Thank you again for your sacrificial choices in loving one another well by adhering to the Covenant Commitment.and for daily observing the measures necessary to continue our semester together.  Our numbers continue to remain low and that is certainly something to celebrate. 
Just a reminder that should you find yourself needing confidential counseling we continue to have our counselors available by appointment on campus in the Priesthill Center (706.419.1275).  As announced this summer, we have also entered into a partnership with the Virtual Care Group this semester to provide 24/7 on-line counseling for students to supplement the in-person counseling in the Priesthill Center. Activate your account here for three free sessions.
Data for the week ending September 11, 2020:
Active positives (student): 1
Active positives (employee): 0
Cumulative positives (student): 13
Cumulative positives (employee): 2 
Quarantined on campus (student): 1
Quarantined off campus (student): 1
Quarantined pending test results (student): 1


Brad Voyles

Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students