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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 9/18/20

Covenant Community:  Two quick notes before we get to this week's data.
  • Flu Shots are now available through Health Services.  We recommend you get a flu shot this semester either through the college or through your healthcare provider.  Flu shots are free to students in Health Services. Your health insurance is also covering the cost of the flu shot at most healthcare providers.  COVID-19 and the seasonal flu share many of the same symptoms.  Among other benefits, vaccination against the seasonal flu can help reduce symptom confusion with COVID-19 as we head into the flu season. 
  • The majority of our quarantine cases have come as a result of students visiting friends off campus and at other institutions where they have come into contact with a positive case. Remember your Covenant Commitment to minimize exposure by limiting off-campus travel and to observe the Commitment wherever you are when you do have to travel.  Please continue to sacrificially care for this community by counting the cost and considering what you could potentially bring back into the Covenant bubble everytime you leave and return. Thank you.  
Data for the week ending September 18, 2020:

Active positives (student): 0
Active positives (employee): 0

Cumulative positives (student): 13
Cumulative positives (employee): 2

Quarantined on campus (student): 2
Quarantined off campus (student): 3
Quarantined employees: 1

Quarantined pending test results (student): 3


Brad Voyles
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students