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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 9/25/20

  • The second round of the Mayo Clinic Antibody Study will begin the week of October 12.  If you submitted a blood sample during the first round, it is expected that you will submit a sample for the second round so that potential community transmission can be studied.  More information to come in the weeks ahead. 
  • Refer to the announcements on the TV in Carter Lobby for a friendly reminder on how to wear your mask.  It protects you and others to wear it correctly over your mouth and nose.  Thanks for your attention to this. 
Data for the week ending September 25, 2020:

Active positives (student): 0
Active positives (employee): 0

Positives since first day of classes (student): 1
Positives since first day of classes (employee): 0

Cumulative positives (student): 13
Cumulative positives (employee): 2

Quarantined on campus (student): 1
Quarantined off campus (student): 1
Quarantined employees: 0

Quarantined pending test results (student): 4  


Brad Voyles
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students