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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 10/23/20

  • As of today we have completed 2/3 of the fall 2020 semester.  We give thanks to the Lord for His protection and for the cooperation of this community in caring well for one another. 
  • The CDC has expanded the 615 rule to include the cumulative total of time spent within six feet of a positive case in 24 hours.  The CDC had previously defined a “close contact” as someone who spent at least 15 consecutive minutes within six feet of a confirmed coronavirus case.The updated guidance, which health departments rely on to conduct contact tracing, now defines a close contact as someone who was within six feet of an infected individual for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. Please take this into account as you consider your contact with one another.
  • As we move into the last month of the semester, don't forget that students have access to three free virtual counseling sessions as part of our agreement with Virtual Care Group.  More information can be found here. This is meant to supplement the excellent work that our counselors do in the Priesthill Center. 
  • Mayo Clinic blood samples will be mailed Monday.  If you were unable to turn your second sample in today, you can bring it to Carter 138 by 12p on Monday. 


Data for the week ending October 23, 2020:

Active positives (student): 0
Active positives (employee): 0

Positives since first day of classes (student): 2
Positives since first day of classes (employee): 0

Cumulative positives (student): 14
Cumulative positives (employee): 2

Quarantined on campus (student): 0
Quarantined off campus (student): 3
Quarantined employees: 1

Quarantined pending test results (student): 1  
Quarantined pending test results (employee): 1


Brad Voyles
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students