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Important COVID-19 Update - please read immediately

Dear Covenant Community,


Due to a severe case of COVID-19 on campus with unknown origin and the increase in cases in the surrounding areas, we are taking the following precautionary measures to reduce spread and give us the best chance of finishing the semester on campus: 

  • Starting on Friday, November 13 and continuing through Tuesday, November 17, all classes will be delivered remotely.  Faculty members will communicate with their students regarding the details of instruction.

  • The library building will be closed beginning Friday morning. The services of the library will be available remotely. You may request items electronically. Digital copies will be delivered via email and hard copies will be delivered via the mailroom. Appointments may be arranged with John Holberg for remote reference consultations.

  • The Choir Concert schedule for tonight and the Senior Social scheduled for Friday night are canceled.  Those in charge of those events will communicate any additional details. 

  • All athletic practices are canceled and the gym is closed through Tuesday.

  • Club events and gatherings will be cancelled through Tuesday. 

  • The last two chapels (Friday and Monday) are canceled. 

  • Students eating in the Great Hall are strongly encouraged to eat in small groups of their close contacts. 

  • Employees at high risk should work with their supervisors to determine a plan to reduce risk and work from home as able. 

Initial contact tracing suggests that this case is a result of asymptomatic transmission on our campus.  Asymptomatic transmission leading to severe illness within our community is of great concern.  We hope that by proactively taking these steps over the next few days that we will be able to impede potential  transmission and develop a clearer picture of how widespread it is.  


The COVID-19 Response Team will meet again on Monday afternoon to reassess and determine a plan for the rest of the semester after this pause.  If the spread appears to be under control, then it is possible that finals could take place in person.  It is imperative that all members of the community carefully observe the Covenant Commitment and make every effort to mask up, distance, wash hands, and isolate immediately if symptomatic and contact Health Services.  


Students: Due to high transmission rates in surrounding communities, please limit off campus travel to only that which is essential.  Also, please do not visit other halls as stated in the Covenant Commitment.  


Thank you for your careful compliance with these measures.  It is our hope that pressing the pause button in these strategic ways will honor our stated priorities of protecting the community and finishing the semester in person. We are terribly sorry about the loss of these gatherings and modifications of services. We remain grateful for the Lord's protection thus far and pray for His continued watchcare as we seek to finish the semester together.