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COVID-19 Weekly Update - week ending 11/20/20

​As the finish line approaches, thank you for your vigilance this semester and for the sacrifices you made to care well for the community.  We are grateful to the Lord for His kind protection as we have seen only six student cases and eight employee cases since the start of the semester.  This is wonderfully encouraging news.  Thank you for the part you played. As we said from the beginning, our success would hinge on the culture here at Covenant and our willingness to count others as more significant than ourselves. Thank you for the countless ways you did so. 

As many begin to make the trek home in this time of increasing case counts nationwide, please be careful.  The holidays can be a joyful time for gathering with family and friends, but getting together during this time may require an extra level of vigilance and caution. The CDC offers guidance on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during the holiday season.
I pray you have a restful and restorative break. You have earned it.  Godspeed. 
Data as of November 20, 2020
Active positives (student): 2
Active positives (employee): 4
Quarantined students: 46
Quarantined employees: 6  
Positives since first day of classes (student): 6
Positives since first day of classes (employee): 8

Cumulative positives (student): 18
Cumulative positives (employee):10

Quarantined pending test results (student): 7 
Quarantined pending test results (employee): 0