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Research Companion to John Owen Edited by Dr. Kelly Kapic

The Ashgate Research Companion to John Owen's Theology, edited by Dr. Kelly Kapic, professor of theological studies, was recently published. In addition to writing one of the essays, entitled “The Spirit as Gift: Explorations in John Owen’s Penumatology,” Dr. Kapic also recruited theologians from around the world.  Contributing scholars come from the Netherlands, Canada, Wales, Singapore, America, Scotland, New Zealand, Norway, England, and Australia.


John Owen was a 17th century Puritan. “He was very significant in his own day not only for theological, but also political reasons,” says Dr. Kapic, who has written extensively on Owen, including the book Communion with God: The Divine and the Human in the Theology of John Owen. “He was Oliver Cromwell’s chaplain for a while. He wrote 24 volumes of important theology that remain in print, and in the last 25 years or so there’s been a bit of a renaissance in Owen studies.”


The essays in this volume explore three areas in Owen research: his methodology, theology, and pastoral practice. “It’s not an uncritical volume, but it is a volume that takes his theology very seriously, and tries to understand Owen in his cultural, historical, and theological moment. Essays explore everything from Owen’s personality (which is not without rough spots), to his views on faith and reason, toleration, infant baptism, and the Beatific vision. There are essays attempting to bring this Puritan’s theology into conversation with more recent theological discussions.”


Unlike many of Dr. Kapic’s recent books, such as Mapping Modern Theology and A Little Book for New Theologians, this book does not grow directly out of his teaching. “This is a more purely academic offering, more designed for libraries, as well as some specialized seminary and Ph.D. courses. The intended audience is scholars in the disciplines of historical theology, 17th century history, Puritan studies, and theology.”


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