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Second LifeKit Event Prepares Students for Life After College


This semester’s first LifeKit event took place on January 21, continuing to prepare students for life after college. Over sixty students gathered to hear local alumni and professionals speak on a variety of topics, including human resources benefits, the emotional and spiritual transition out of college, and ways to stand out as a new employee.


Among the speakers were Amy Best ’09, who works in human resources at Southern Champion Tray, and David Caines ’02, president of Kenco, a logistics management company.


“I really enjoyed hearing from potential employers,” says Robbie Brown ’13. “I often get a little anxious thinking about applying for jobs in the coming year, but hearing some of the advice from the president at Kenco helped put some of those fears to rest. It was also really beneficial to hear from someone in human resources about health insurance. That stuff is almost literally a different language, and to have some of it explained was incredibly helpful.”


“I found that LifeKit offers great resources, tips, and pertinent information for seniors about how to prepare for after graduation,” says Emma English ’13. “I have enjoyed meeting people who have been in my shoes not too long ago, and now have successfully made it into the workforce, and have come back to share wisdom from their experiences.”


"LifeKit really helped me get a holistic perspective on post-grad life,” says Chris Destigter ’14. “I shouldn't just be preparing financially, but emotionally and spiritually as well.”


LikeKit is organized by the Center for Calling & Career (CCC), in cooperation with the alumni office, student development, student senate, and the senior class president. “It is a series of three annual events intended to expose students to the many transitions they will face when they graduate,” says Anthony Tucker, director of the CCC.


“The first event focused on information about housing, and the third will focus on personal finance and Christian financial stewardship. The goal is to equip students to settle into new places where they can love their neighbors and serve the Church. If recent graduates have trouble navigating this transition period, it will be extremely difficult to engage culture holistically, and we want to provide them with the tools to do this well.”