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Covenant Continues to Expand Academic Programs

In addition to the master of arts in teaching program, beginning in June of 2011, and the two professors in marketing and design that joined the faculty in the fall of 2010, Covenant College continues to strategically expand its academic programs.


Political Studies

In the fall of 2011, Dr. Cale Horne will join Covenant's faculty as an assistant professor of political studies. He is currently at Penn State, where he is involved in post-doctoral work in the International Center for the Study of Terrorism. "Cale's arrival in the fall of 2011 will facilitate adding political studies as a concentration in history and as a minor," says Dr. Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs. "He will also play a key role in the organization of an international studies program in the near future. We are excited to be able to add this important area of study to our history department with someone like Cale."


Regarding political studies, Horne believes they are reduced too often to lessons in current events. "Politics is complicated stuff," he says, "and requires rigorous theoretical, methodological and substantive training if we're to make any sense of it. I want the new political studies program now being planned--a concentration within the history major as well as a stand-alone political studies minor--to offer students that rigor. It is my prayer that these new programs will be a useful service to the church, and that my students at Covenant will see their education in terms of this service."



Professor of Physics Phill Broussard directs the engineering dual-degree program, and is leading the search for a professor of engineering. "As a physicist, I am not as attuned to all the engineering world, so it has been seen as important to the future of the program to bring in someone who has a real passion for this calling and a desire to train up engineers who see Christ as their focus." Even as he seeks to bring engineering majors into greater depth of study, Broussard believes breadth is also vital. "To me, the heart of the matter is that all our students have to understand what it means to be a Christian in all areas of life. As engineers, it is too easy to compartmentalize one's faith, but here we emphasize, as the theologian Abraham Kuyper did, that all areas are under Christ."



Covenant already offers courses on film, including screenwriting and introduction to filmmaking. "With what we have now we could easily put together a minor or a concentration in film," says Camille Hallstrom, professor of theatre and film studies. Covenant intends to hire a professor of film studies to expand that program in 2012. "Depending on what skills that professor brings, whether they're a film critic or a filmmaker, that will help us know which direction we're going to take the program. I see what we're doing as creating missionaries for the theatre and film world. You have to work with people to make theatre and film, and it's so easy to abuse people when you do it. If we can love people in the process and then, by the grace of God, produce some valuable artifacts, that will be redeeming to people who are not easily reached by the gospel in any other way."