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Incoming Students Serve at Food Bank

At the start of this semester, incoming Covenant students and four student leaders served at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, cleaning storage facilities and organizing food and household products to be delivered to underprivileged children and sold at the food bank’s discount warehouse.


This service project was part of Covenant’s spring orientation, in which Covenant students and staff work to ease each incoming student’s transition, help them define their educational purpose, and provide an introduction to the opportunities and expectations of Covenant.


 “It was a great time,” says Timothy Goldsmith ’12, an orientation leader. “It was a small group so we had really good conversations and got to know each other better in the process. Our group went through almost the entire sorting room's worth of boxes.”


“I loved working at the food bank,” says Hannah Stevens ’14, who transferred to Covenant this spring. “I got to see and be a part of something I had never thought about or realized existed. I think it fit into orientation well because it gave us something to do that wasn't about us, but about helping others. Also, it helped me to not focus on leaving home and instead made me even more thankful for the chance to get a Christian education.”