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Prof. Zuidema and Covenant Alumna Collaborate to Publish Chemistry Paper

Dr. Daniel Zuidema, assistant professor of chemistry at Covenant College, published a paper with Covenant alumna Ami Dennison '07 in the January 2008 issue of the organic chemistry journal Synthetic Communications.  The paper is entitled "Conversion of Aldoximes into Nitriles with Raney Nickel in Refluxing 2-Propanol."


In their publication, Zuidema and Dennison describe a new method of preparing nitriles, which Zuidema explains are "important chemicals that are useful in preparing medicines, agricultural chemicals, and dyes, among other things." The faculty-student duo began working on the project in the summer of 2006, and when it became apparent that their method had never before been described, they decided to publish a paper.  An electronic copy of the article is available for purchase online.


Zuidema sees undergraduate research as an important aspect of a Covenant education. Research "serves to further Covenant's mission of providing students with a Christ-centered, academically excellent post-secondary education," says Zuidema. "It is my vision to turn out Reformed Christian scholars who are not merely familiar with the latest developments in chemistry, but who are making the latest developments in chemistry."


Currently, Covenant students are carrying out research that builds upon on the results of Zuidema and Dennison's work.