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Professor Mehne and Student Co-Author Chemistry Paper

Mehne Holcombe

Polyhedron, a peer-reviewed research journal, has published a paper co-authored by Professor of Chemistry Dr. Larry Mehne and Thomas Holcombe ’12, in partnership with Dr. Don Vanderveer at Clemson University, Dr. Gregory Grant, and two of his students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The article’s title: “Heteroleptic Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes with Thiacrown and Diimine Ligands.”


“The research, as a whole, looked at building molecular triangles, squares, and boxes,” says Thomas. “One potential use for these would be a delivery system for cancer treatment drugs that would not be as toxic to the human body as current methods.”


For Thomas, this collaboration was a departure from the rest of his undergraduate work. “The idea of research is that you're doing things that have not previously been performed in the lab,” he says. “The professors are there to provide oversight and advice, but the majority of the work is your own, and what you report is what it is.”


“For many, participation in undergraduate research is the first opportunity to become a practitioner rather than a student of their chosen profession,” says Dr. Mehne. “Contributing something new to what we know of God’s providential care of the physical creation is very different than being told what others have learned.  And back in the classroom this creates a new appreciation for the investigations which have led to what we teach.”