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Bob Bosworth Keynotes Brock Forum on Authentic Christian Leadership

Brock Leadership Forum

Guest speakers and honorees for the 2012 Brock Forum included Bob Bosworth, Lesley Scearce, John Stroud, Dottie Brock, Frank Brock, Tom Edd Wilson, and Rodger Piersant.

Covenant College hosted the Brock Forum on Authentic Christian Leadership on February 9, 2012. The Brock Forum was established in honor of Dr. Frank Brock, who served as Covenant’s president from 1987 until 2002, and provides the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Brock’s achievements in business and in the community, as well as to focus on the perspective that has shaped his life and leadership.


Robert E. Bosworth was the keynote speaker for this year’s forum.  Mr. Bosworth, president and chief operating officer of Chattem, Inc., a subsidiary of sanofi-aventis, invited to campus guests from the local community who exhibit Christian leadership: Lesley Scearce, president and chief executive officer of OnPoint; John Stroud, senior vice president of Chattem, Inc.; Tom Edd Wilson, president and chief executive officer of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce; and Rodger Piersant, president of Displaycraft, Inc.  


Mr. Bosworth began the forum by exploring what servant leadership looks like.  At a luncheon with students and faculty, Mr. Bosworth, Dr. Brock, and Mr. Bosworth’s guests led the students in roundtable discussions on what key characteristics various leaders have exhibited in these students’ lives.


Later that afternoon, this same panel of guests led an executive summit, sharing what their own successes and failures have taught them about how organizational leaders can talk with each other, solve real problems, and address dissenting views.


Brock Leadership Forum

“The real value in this year’s Brock Forum came because of Mr. Bosworth’s ownership of the event,” says Anthony Tucker, director of Covenant’s Center for Calling & Career. “Without his leadership, the campus events would not have garnered students’ engagement the way they did. Without his relational leadership in our community, the downtown reception would not have had the attendance or the attention from the audience that it did. I am very grateful for his willingness to shape this year’s Brock Forum.”


The Brock Forum continued that evening in downtown Chattanooga, where many other Chattanooga-area leaders gathered for a time of networking and an opportunity to hear from Mr. Bosworth on what he believes leadership is and what values make leadership authentic. His challenge to the audience did not go unnoticed: if Chattanooga is to remain faithful to the core values of its historic leadership, the attendees at this forum must also remain faithful to the very same values and ensure that generations to come do the same.


“I am very thankful for the opportunities that I had to interact with accomplished and devout Christian leaders,” says Jonathan Casselberry ’12. “The Brock Forum is an indispensable resource for anybody with future aspirations of leadership—or just for those who would like to know how to better work with other people.”


“It was an incredible opportunity to hear some of Chattanooga's most valued leaders talk about leadership and what it means to them, and it was fun being able to interact with them and spend time discussing what leaders look like, and how they are effective,” says Kit Meyer ’12. “For people like them to come up and discuss that with students truly is a testament to their commitment to the community and their desire to pass their knowledge on to our generation.”