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Break on Impact - Spring Break 2011

Christian college mission trips

Members of the Covenant community spread around the globe every spring break as part of the Break on Impact program, learning about cross-cultural ministry and participating in the expansion of God's kingdom.


This year, Covenant will send 55 students, faculty, and staff members to four destinations: Athens, Greece; Port Au Prince, Haiti; Madrid, Spain; and the Yakama Indian Reservation. All teams will partner with ongoing ministries, by invitation from the host ministry, in a way that submits to the leadership of the local workers, and that contributes to and encourages their ongoing work.


Athens, Greece
This group will come alongside, learn from and support Greek Evangelical Churches as they reach out to their neighbors. Much of this team's time will be focused on interacting with university students. Trip leaders: Ron Brown, Joel Rietema, Amy Verner


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

This team will assist local partners in the construction of transitional housing and other continuing efforts to rebuild and serve in the wake of the devastating earthquake of January 2010. By partnering with established ministries and local workers, Mission to the World (MTW) is responding to this crisis as part of a long-term commitment to serving in Haiti in a manner in which the local church gets the credit, God gets the glory, and the kingdom grows. Trip leaders: Aaron Messner, Shane Dasher, Ryland Rainsford


Madrid, Spain
This team will learn about cross-cultural ministry, connect with the MTW team in Madrid, and interact with Spaniards through a variety of avenues including surveys and conversations at the large local university, English ministry, and potential service projects assisting local ministries. Trip leaders: Sandy Shaw, Kara Gahagen


Yakama Indian Reservation
This team will work with Sacred Road Ministries on the Yakama Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington. They desire to lovingly respond to the physical, emotional, and social needs of the Yakama in order to address their deeper spiritual need. This team will be assisting Sacred Road by reaching out to the children of the Reservation by leading afternoon Bible clubs and participating in a variety of work projects on homes needing repair. Trip leaders: Brandon and Rachel Kreuze, Jenny Reichmann.