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"Ten Myths About Calvinism," by Prof. Ken Stewart

Dr. Ken Stewart

Ten Myths About Calvinism: Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition, by Covenant College Professor of Theological Studies Ken Stewart, is now available in the United States and Great Britain from InterVarsity Press. The book addresses ten untruths or misunderstandings surrounding the Reformed tradition: six for critics of Calvinism to re-examine, and four for Calvinists themselves.


"The book is an attempt at a kind of ‘apologetics' rooted in historical and theological study of our tradition," says Stewart. "A clearer understanding of what our Reformed faith actually entails will enable us to communicate it in a less encumbered way both to unbelievers and to Christians of other persuasions."


Ten Myths About Calvinism is available from online booksellers, and from Covenant's Tuck Shoppe. Visit InterVarsity Press for more information.


Listen to Dr. Stewart describe the book »