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"Studies in Conflict & Terrorism" Publishes Article by Dr. Cale Horne

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, the leading academic journal on terrorism, has published an article coauthored by Assistant Professor of Political Studies Dr. Cale Horne and Dr. John Horgan, director of the International Center for the Study of Terrorism (ICST) at Penn State University. The article, “Methodological Triangulation in the Analysis of Terrorist Networks,” explores various ways that qualitative and quantitative methods might be combined in researching terrorist networks.


“Studying terrorism in terms of networks of individuals and groups is increasingly important,” says Dr. Horne, who is teaching an upper-division elective on terrorism this semester. “Conceptualizing terrorism in these terms allows us to look at how closely or loosely individuals are connected, identify critical nodes within networks of individuals, identify clusters of individuals within larger networks, isolate individuals in terms of expertise and role, engage in counterfactual analysis by imagining what happens to a network with one or more nodes removed, and do all of these things over time.”


Before coming to Covenant Dr. Horne worked with Dr. Horgan as a post-doctoral research fellow and project manager at ICST. “This article is a product of the Competitive Adaptation in Terrorist Networks project, a multi-year effort sponsored by the Office of Naval Research,” says Dr. Horne, the lead author on this particular article.