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Students Circle the Globe for Break on Impact

Covenant College Break on Impact

Covenant College students, faculty, and staff spread out around the globe this spring break as part of Covenant's Break on Impact program. Covenant has developed many strategic relationships with various missionaries and ministries, and we are pleased to be able to return to some of these locations year after year.


This year, Covenant is sending 51 students, faculty, and staff to four destinations: Athens, Brussels, Madrid, and the Yakama Indian Reservation. Each of these trips will be building on the foundation laid by previous groups, and we look forward to seeing our connections grow even deeper as students are exposed to the work of the kingdom of God in these diverse cultural contexts.


Athens, Greece
This team will join with Reformed University Fellowship groups from various colleges to participate in a vibrant ministry in a week of service, learning, and exploration. Mission to the World has partnered with three Greek pastors from the Greek Evangelical Church. Two of the churches are located almost literally in the shadows of the Acropolis in Athens. There are a variety of opportunities to support these churches as they reach out to their families and neighbors. This group will join in the ongoing ministry taking place in Athens and share the love of Christ with those they meet by what they say and how they interact with them. They will be engaging with Greek university students and spending time with them on the campus and around town.


Brussels, Belgium
This team will be exploring the center of the European Union, while learning about the various immigrant groups in Brussels and the rest of Belgium. Europe has undergone a profound change in recent decades as large numbers of immigrants and refugees have settled there. Many countries are now more than 10% Muslim. These times of transition are times of great opportunity for the church, not only to impact the immigrant population flooding in to Europe but also indirectly to impact the countries and regions of the world from which the immigrants are coming. The group will spend time in both French- and Flemish-speaking areas of Brussels, and will have an opportunity to worship with believers from several different cultures. The group will participate in service projects at the mission center where they will be staying, observe and learn about the cultures they see, and spend time with local churches and believers with a particular focus on the Middle Eastern and North African immigrants of Belgium.


Madrid, Spain
This team will be focused on learning about cross-cultural ministry and interacting with Spanish university students by engaging in evangelism, English ministry, and service projects assisting local ministries with the hope of sharing the gospel and connecting those individuals with the MTW team in Madrid. The vision for the MTW team in Spain is focused on church planting with a view to the younger, secular, post-modern generation of Madrid, a city of 5 million predominantly Roman Catholic citizens. Less than ¼ of 1% of Spain's population claim to be Protestant evangelical Christians. This group of missionaries seeks to be a grace-saturated community of believers that reaches out to those around them, forming strong relationships and welcoming them to experience Christ with them, trusting the Holy Spirit to bring them to a saving faith.


Yakama Indian Reservation
This team will be working with Sacred Road Ministries on the Yakama Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington. They desire to respond lovingly to the physical, emotional, and social needs of the Yakama in order to address their deeper spiritual need. This team will be assisting Sacred Road by reaching out to the children of the reservation by leading afternoon Bible clubs and participating in a variety of work projects on homes needing repair.