Dr. Kathleen Nielson Publishes New Bible Study

Kathleen NielsonDr. Kathleen Nielson, author and wife of Covenant College President Niel Nielson, has written the ninth in a series of Bible studies that were originally intended for women in her own church and since have reached an audience numbering in the thousands.


1 & 2 Thessalonians: Living the Gospel to the End is her most recent Bible study. Featuring a foreword by Dr. Philip Ryken, pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, it will be released this June by P&R Publishing, along with a new printing of her Bible study on the book of Joshua.


Nielson’s previous studies are available through Covenant College’s bookstore, the Tuck Shoppe, which sells several thousand copies per year, and through her personal website.


“The studies are for anyone or any groups who want to ‘dig into’ the text of a book of the Bible,” Dr. Nielson explains. “Included in the lessons are background and helpful commentary on the text, but the questions really ask the readers to look themselves at the words of scripture and to find (and hopefully to learn better to find) the treasures that are there.”


Stressing the importance of careful reading, Dr. Nielson crafts her Bible studies to focus on observing the words of scripture, seeing the shape of a book and a passage, and probing deep into the text. “We read so much and hear so much about the Word,” she notes. “But it is the Word itself that has the power of a sharp, two-edged sword. And this Word comes to us not in little topical tidbits, but in whole beautiful books – which we don’t tend, in this busy non-reading culture, to read through regularly and thoroughly. I think there is a hunger for and a great satisfaction in doing just that.


“If there’s life and power in these studies,” she says, “it is simply the life and power of the scriptures to which they point. It is ultimately the life and power of the Savior who shines through all the scriptures from beginning to end.”


In addition to a number of articles and poems, Dr. Nielson’s publications include Bible studies on the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Nehemiah, Colossians, Philemon, and Isaiah. She presently is working through the Proverbs study with a group of women students at Covenant and points out that she is thrilled all over again by the beauty of Proverbs’ poetry and by its wisdom that invades every little nook and cranny of our lives.