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Day of Stewardship

Day of Stewardship

Covenant will observe its third annual Day of Stewardship on Friday, March 7, 2014. Planned by the Alumni Office in collaboration with the Chapel Office, the Day of Stewardship celebrates our role as stewards of God’s gifts and generosity.

Dr. Lance Wescher, associate professor of economics, will speak in chapel on stewardship and generosity. Past speakers for the Day of Stewardship include Michael Pepper '09 and Dr. Kelly Kapic


Students, faculty, and staff will receive copies of a generosity guide that coincides with the chapel message. The guide aims to provide a wider view of what generosity means in personal, everyday life. The survey prompts users to take inventory of their time, knowledge, and assets in an effort to broaden their understanding of their own generosity journey. The survey originated with last year’s speaker, Michael Pepper.


“I realized that if we could help people understand what they have, it would better help them understand what to give,” said Pepper. “If we aren’t consistently taking inventory of our time, talent, and treasure, we can't expect to steward it well. Once we move away from seeing everything around us as 'ours' to it belonging to God, our hands will move from clinched to open. This inventory is hopefully an initial step in prompting that discussion.”


You can download the Generosity Guide for yourself here.