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Mock Interview Day

On February 25, 2014, students participated in the inaugural Mock Interview Day at Covenant College. Hosted by the Center for Calling & Career, Mock Interview Day gave students the chance to experience true-to-life mock interview sessions with local Chattanooga area professionals. 


“The event was designed to be highly informational, allowing students to develop their interview skills and receive constructive feedback,” said Leda Goodman, certified professional résumé writer in the Center for Calling & Career. “We want to help students prepare for life after college and, in addition to seeing the importance of building their résumé, to begin looking at what they can offer employers.”


Students met individually with a professional matched to their major and calling, and spent time in a practice interview. After the sessions, their interviewer provided encouragement and helpful feedback on areas for improvement. More than forty students participated in Mock Interview Day and twenty-six local employers gave up their time to contribute to the event.


“It was a low-stress environment and a nice segue to real interviewing,” said Grant Thomas ’14, an art major with a concentration in design. “It was official enough to want to pour energy into it, but low-key enough that it wasn’t stressful. My practice interview was with Daniel Ryan, a web consultant who was the frontend developer for the Obama for America campaign. It was a great match for my design concentration.”


The evening concluded with a panel discussion featuring Scott Kennedy, Cigna; Cheryl Millsaps, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce; Daniel Ryan, web consulting; and Nathan Thompson, Accenture. The panel shared general advice on interviewing and professionalism and answered questions from the audience. 


“For some, this event helped them learn how to direct their job search, consider their qualifications, and talk through what they bring to the table with employers,” said Goodman. “For others, it highlighted the need to intentionally prepare for the future, instead of just focusing on the present. It was truly one of the best events we’ve had the opportunity to provide for our students and we’re excited to grow and expand Mock Interview Day in the future.”