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Covenant College Hosts Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The Covenant College Department of Philosophy, along with the philosophy club, will host an undergraduate philosophy conference on campus on March 24-25, 2017. Dr. Mark Talbot, associate professor of philosophy at Wheaton College, is the keynote speaker for the conference.


Talbot’s presentations at the conference will center on his theme: “On Not Being Beastly: Suffering in the Christian Perspective.” Talbot has served at Wheaton College since 1992. He received his BA from Seattle Pacific College and earned his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. Talbot’s philosophical interests include philosophical theology, philosophical psychology, and the works of Hume, Augustine, and Edwards.


The philosophy department has invited philosophy students and professors from surrounding colleges and universities to participate in the conference and has solicited papers from both visiting colleges and from Covenant students. Students will present their papers during the Saturday morning session.


This is the third undergraduate philosophy conference held on Covenant’s campus. Speakers at the past three conferences included Dr. James Spiegel, Dr. Alvin Plantinga, and Dr. James Peters. The last time Covenant hosted the conference was in 2012.


“The return of the conference should give the participating students and professors a wonderful opportunity to interact with their peers in a way that is not typically available in a normal course of study,” said Caroline McLeod ’17, philosophy club president. “There is much to be said for learning from people that you haven’t seen every day for the past three or four years, as well as in gaining practice presenting your own work and thoughtfully listening to the work of others. It should be a delightful experience.”