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Day of Stewardship

On Monday, March 26, 2012, Covenant will observe its first annual Day of Stewardship, celebrating and exploring our role as stewards of God’s gifts. Dr. Kelly Kapic, professor of theological studies and author of God So Loved, He Gave, will speak in chapel.

“God is working to build his kingdom all around us, all the time,” says Jordan Harwood ’11, coordinator of alumni operations. “As his children it is our calling and our joy to recognize this kingdom work and to participate in it. The Day of Stewardship exists not only to encourage us in this calling, but also to show how this calling is connected to the sustenance and development of Covenant College. I constantly hear both alumni and students articulating the rich maturation of their lives and faith that developed through their time at Covenant and the relationships it fostered.

“After realizing that we should give, we are blessed to be able to choose the ways in which we will give. We have worked to put together ‘The Overlook,’ a publication that, among other things, diagrams the opportunities alumni have to invest in the kingdom through Covenant. My hope is that each of us connected with Covenant—students, alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and friends of the College—will recognize the work of the Lord at Covenant and respond by choosing to invest in the College as one of the ways we participate in God’s divine flow of generosity.”