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Covenant's Business Club Visits New York City

Students in the business program at Covenant College visit NYC

New York City was the recent destination of members of Covenant College's business club.  In February 2009, ten students, along with business graduate Tim Mahla '07, traveled to New York to witness firsthand how Christians are rightfully and successfully serving God in for-profit enterprises. 


The group visited Deutsche Bank, the New York Stock Exchange, and U.S. Bank, and were hosted by Covenant alumna Rebecca Painter '94 and her husband, Rob.


At Deutsche, where Rob Painter works, they toured the bank's equity trading operations and spoke with Painter and his colleagues about their responsibilities and how to enter and succeed in a competitive job market.  "Arguably the best part of this time was seeing the respect that Rob Painter had quietly earned at Deutsche," said Andrew Lee '09, vice president of the business club. "People knew about the values he held."


The students spent time on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, which they dubbed unforgettable.  "I couldn't tell you enough how surreal it was," said business club president Kevin De Jong '09.  "I stood on the most powerful and significant floor in capitalism as history was being recorded."  Deutsche employees explained the intricacies of their trading responsibilities in real time with real trades. 


The group then met with Jeff Stuart, executive vice president and head of capital markets for U.S. Bank.  "Spending time with Jeff Stuart was one of the more memorable meetings for me," said Joanna McGill '10. "Not only is he the executive VP for a huge bank, but he's a professing Christian who lives out his faith every day in what is a very challenging environment. It was encouraging to hear him talk about not just his responsibilities, but how much he depends on his faith everyday."


To cap off the trip, the students stopped in Washington, D.C. to tour several sites and enjoy dinner with Covenant alumni Michael '76 and Jennifer Cromartie '77.  Michael is vice president of the Ethics & Public Policy Center.


Reflecting on the trip, Lee said that "amidst the power and prestige of the places we visited, I was reminded of some meta-narrative themes that Covenant is relentless in instilling in its students, especially the comfort of knowing God is sovereign and the blessing that is ours from obeying His commands amidst a nation with increasing disregard for biblical teaching."


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