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Faculty Calling Luncheons

For the 2013-14 school year, the Center for Calling & Career at Covenant College has offered students the chance to learn more about familiar professors through a Faculty Calling Luncheon Series. 


A low teacher-to-student ratio allows Covenant students to get to know their professors through classroom work, individual meetings, and even through meals in professors’ homes. The Center for Calling & Career sought to take advantage of this close student-faculty relationship, through small luncheons with faculty and students.


“We hope these luncheons serve to help students understand the various career paths faculty have walked through,” said Leda Goodman, certified resume writer and office coordinator of the Center for Calling & Career.


Faculty members including Jeff Hall, vice president for academic affairs; John Holberg, research instruction and special collections librarian; Steve Corbett, assistant professor of community development; Mike Rulon, associate professor of psychology; and Jerry Wenger, professor of biology took part in the luncheon series and recounted their career stories.


“As a student personally looking into a career in libraries, I jumped at the chance to have lunch with John Holberg and hear his story,” said Sam Moreland ’15. “In what other school would a luncheon with the reference librarian be so well attended? Our gathering alone was a testament to the impact John Holberg has on this campus.”


Throughout the year, the luncheons were well attended by students. Framed as a conversation, they began with facilitated discussion and ended with an open question and answer time with students. The Center for Calling & Career expects to continue the luncheons in future years, highlighting more faculty members and providing students the opportunity to hear encouraging stories of struggle, success, and the many possible roads to finding a career.


“I appreciate that the Center for Calling & Career provides opportunities like this where students interested in different career paths can learn more about them from professionals in small group settings,” said Moreland.