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LifeKit Series Concludes with Russ Crosson

Russ Crosson

The Center for Calling & Career at Covenant College, in partnership with the senior class, student development, and the alumni office, concluded their four-part LifeKit series last week with a session on budgeting and personal finance for seniors. 

The four-part series tackled many issues students will face post-graduation, including building community, housing, professionalism, and personal finance. For this final discussion, Russ Crosson, president and CEO of Ronald Blue & Company, spoke with the senior class about how to consider spending, saving, and giving of their monetary resources. 


“I really appreciated hearing a biblically informed, practical framework for managing personal finances,” said AK Horne ’14. “I definitely plan on using these financial principles to shape my post-grad lifestyle.”


Russ provided all students with copies of his books Your Life…Well Spent and The Truth About Money Lies. After his main session, Russ answered questions from students on student loans, the decision to go to grad school, generosity, and budgeting as a whole. Russ and his wife, Julie, stayed after the event ended to answer additional questions and to spend time with students.


“I really found the event enjoyable,” said Matt Hudnut ’14. “The information was very pertinent since I will soon be in a season of life when I will need a strategic plan to help me manage the money I have been blessed with.  This LifeKit event gave me the tools I needed to begin creating a financially stable future.”


In addition to words from Russ Crosson, Covenant alumnus Alex Anderson ’11 shared thoughts with the senior class on how they could steward their lives well after graduation. Alumni representatives sat at every table to connect with students, answer questions, and discuss personal finance.


“This LifeKit was a great end to our series,” said Amy Smith ’07, coordinator of volunteers at Covenant. “I’ve been really encouraged by the thoughtful questions students have asked as we’ve talked through housing, finding community, professionalism and now personal finance. I’m excited for the class of 2014 to join the ranks of Covenant College alumni.”