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Students Participate in Conservation Week

Students on the Campus Stewardship Committee (CSC) named the week of April 7-11, 2014, Conservation Week on the Covenant College campus. They planned week-long events and a panel discussion to get the entire Covenant community engaged in conservation.

One of the main goals of Conservation Week was to challenge the habit of throwing away half-full plates of uneaten food. The CSC set a goal of decreasing the amount of food thrown away in Covenant’s dining hall by ten percent over the course of last week and this week. Chartwells, Covenant’s food-service provider, has pledged to donate 100 pounds of food to the Chattanooga Food Bank for every ten percent of food waste reduced.


“Although we intensively focused on conservation last week, our goal is to communicate that stewardship is not just a one-week program, it's a lifestyle,” said Rachel Dance ’15, food conservation lead for the CSC. “Conservation Week was an opportunity to help the student body think about the way we use our resources.”


A mid-week panel including Covenant College professors Lance Wescher and Jay Green discussed questions on urban planning and environmental justice. The discussion largely centered on the history and problems of urban planning in Chattanooga.


“The panel went really well,” said Conrad Meek ’14, who moderated the discussion. “The speakers were so gracious in participating and came prepared to engage the issues at hand. Several students came to listen and ask questions, which was fantastic. We really hope that the CSC can continue to start conversations like this while also enabling members of the Covenant community to steward their resources well.”


Conservation Week served to inform and encourage students in the areas of energy and food conservation, urban planning, recycling, and the importance of stewarding the resources entrusted to each member of the Covenant community.