Community Development Reunion

Community Development Reunion

This spring, community development alumni gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, for a Covenant College reunion.

Sponsored by Covenant’s alumni office, the community development department, and the Chalmers Center, the reunion was held in conjunction with the Chalmers Center’s annual Global Leadership Network weekend, where attendees discussed poverty alleviation and the dignity of the poor. Speakers at the Global Leadership Network event included Andy Crouch, Matthew Frost, and Covenant College professors Dr. Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett.


Alumni came from around the country to reunite with classmates and professors. Professors Corbett, Fikkert, Russ Mask, and Lance Wescher presented updates to the alumni on the state of community development at Covenant and alumni spent time discussing where they are today.


"PURE JOY! It was wonderful to walk with these alumni when they were students at Covenant College,” said Dr. Fikkert. “It was such a blessing to hear about how God is continuing to work in and through them since graduation. I continue to be inspired by their vision, commitment, and dedication."


Both alumni who attended the event and those who regretfully could not attend sent updates to the Covenant alumni office about their work. Community development alumni are serving the church and the world both at home and abroad. Alumni are involved in facilitating educational programs, community housing, poverty alleviation, drug prevention programs, and much more.


"It was great not only seeing how the community development program continues to grow, but also learning of how alumni are furthering God's kingdom in all facets of life—not just in the development field,” said community development alumnus Michael Pepper ’09. “That's one thing our professors instilled in us and still encourage in us today—wherever you are, whatever you are doing, increase God's kingdom there."

Brittany Stout

"I love the holistic approach of community development. Although I am only a few classes into the major, it is already transforming my view on life. I also have really enjoyed being taught by Dr. Fikkert and Professor Corbett. They are SO knowledgeable in the field of community development and their passion is contagious."
 - Brittany Stout '18

Chris Carter

"The Community Development program is preparing me for a life dedicated to the work of Christ in a setting that may otherwise be way out of my comfort zone. The classes are beautifully crafted to give you the confidence and knowledge needed to step into the third world, but also instill an understanding of the necessity of humility and an open heart when interacting with a new culture. Corbett and Fikkert, two of the key professors in the major, are extremely respected individuals in their field, yet meet you at such a personal level and concentrate on your personal growth. Never have I been in a position in my life where I wake up stoked to go to my classes, nor have I ever felt so loved and supported by professors who care so much about your dreams and plans for the future. "
 - Chris Carter '18