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Campus Evacuation Following Severe Storms

Dear Members of the Covenant Community,

Many in our community have suffered loss and significant challenge from yesterday’s events and would covet your prayers in the coming days. We are grateful to report that all our residential students are safe and the campus escaped direct impact from the storms, however we have nonetheless been seriously impacted.

Due to the severe weather yesterday, our water supplier is not able to pump water up the mountain to the campus water tank. We currently have enough water for one day of normal use with no certainty of when service will be restored and are therefore evacuating campus. Additionally, we do not have reliable power and it is reportedly days away from full restoration. Therefore, no students will be permitted to remain as residents on campus. Students should make plans to clean their rooms, return keys and check out of rooms as they normally would at the end of a semester. We will make every attempt to offer meals through Friday lunch assuming sufficient water remains. Students must move off campus by 3:00 p.m. Friday, April 29.

We know many students may need alternate housing options until they can make travel arrangements. We are asking faculty, staff, commuter students and local churches and community members to please consider ways in which you may offer hospitality during this time. If you can help, contact Although students must evacuate by the stated date, they will be able to return prior to commencement to pick up their belongings from their rooms. Residence Life staff will be communicating with all residential students regarding alternate housing options while plans are made.

Since finals will not be held on campus, professors will be in touch with their classes by email over the coming days to present plans regarding the determination of final grades for the semester. We will attempt to maintain the current schedule regarding posting grades, including the May 4th deadline for senior grades, and will attempt to hold commencement as planned. Staff supervisors will be in touch with any employees who will need to work on Friday. The Education Department will be in touch with BSECE students when we are able to resume classes. Please check your email and the website for updates.

Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.

Brad Voyles, Troy Duble and Jeff Hall



We are already overwhelmed with the generosity of many who are offering to volunteer to house our students. Thank you so much for your hospitality and care. To facilitate smooth transitions, we would ask that you only come to campus if you are picking up a student you have arranged to house. If you would like to volunteer to house a student, we would ask that, instead of coming to campus or calling, you email Thank you again for your gracious hospitality. It is a blessing to witness the love of Christ through this community.


Update II:

With great thanksgiving we report that members of our community, in a matter of hours, volunteered to house 600 students in their homes. This meets the need of students who need temporary housing as they make arrangements to go home. Thank you to our faculty, staff, alumni, churches, parents, and other members of the Covenant family for caring for our students so well. We praise God for you.