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Dr. Broussard and Students Visit Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Phill Broussard, professor of physics, and eight students visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the spring of 2013, hosted by Dr. Art Baddorf.


“We saw the Spallation Neutron Source,” says Dr. Broussard, “which produces neutrons for a variety of research efforts, from basic understanding of the neutron to using it to understand materials or to understand how neutron damage in reactors affects their operation. Then we saw a variety of presentations on nano materials, seeing how they are related to current material needs and how they are produced and studied. None of these are tied directly to any course; it is mostly to enhance their knowledge beyond what we can cover in class.”


The students on the trip were Tim Ahrenholz ’14, Jeffrey Cox ’13, Emily Davis ’14, Lincoln Davis ’16, Silas Davis ’15, Reagan Duggins ’15, Karen Kegel ’16, and Bryan Stern ’15.